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Maine Custom Home Builder

modern English farmhouse

Custom Home Builders Maine

Custom Home Builders plan

1. Home Requirements

This initial meeting is to determine what size home, desired location, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, home style & finishes you would like. All these items are key to determining the cost of your custom home build project.

2. Financing

After understanding the type of custom home you would like to build, financing will be discussed. We have multiple financing options to meet your criteria.

3. Lot Selection

If you do not currently own a lot already we will help you find the perfect lot for your custom home based on your price range and neighborhood that fits your criteria.

4. House Plans

At this time of the custom home building process we will have you sit down with one of our designers to start drafting your dream house plans based on the lot, budget and layout you desire.

5. Finishes

This is the most time consuming part of the whole process. We will give you allowances to pick out all your finishes and details of your home.

6. Construction Phase

This is the time when your choices made earlier are ordered and scheduled for delivery to start constructing your home. This process usually takes 60 – 180 days.

7. Project Completion

With our in-depth project close out process, you will have a full inspection by one of our Construction Managers along with the final inspections and Certificate of Occupancy from your local municipality. You’ll join us for an orientation session where we go over all features before moving into your new home! Then once that’s done…you’re getting everything put together including copies manual warranty agreements , surveys etc.

With the construction complete, it's time to move in and enjoy your new custom home!

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